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Schwabe wrong about Weight Watchers

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Millie Snyder is president and CEO of Weight Watchers of West Virginia Inc.

In response to the editorial written by Lynne Schwabe on the Opinion page entitled, "Fat May Be Bad, But Dieting Can Be Worse," I was just shocked to read the comments of someone who really should be more in touch with what is happening in the real world, especially as it relates to obesity and the ills it creates among adults, but especially our young citizens as well. In these days and times anyone in a responsible position, where looking at all perspectives, should be extolling the virtues of quality eating and finding better behaviors to improve their health.

One might say this was a self-serving response as the President and CEO of Weight Watchers of WV Inc. but really Ms. Schwabe needs to get her facts correct, especially when she makes the comment she does about Weight Watchers. She did say Weight Watchers works, but she also said "you have to carry around a tote board that records the point values of all that you consume, the booklet listing the point values and a calculator to figure it all out. Most people on Weight Watchers run out of the day's points by around noon." Are we speaking of most Weight Watchers or are we speaking of yourself, Ms. Schwabe?

Weight Watchers has a stellar reputation and has changed more lives over this half-century than anything in the industry; and speaking of a half-century, there is nothing in the industry that has won the hearts and attention of our medical profession, but more importantly has changed individual lives so profoundly that they couldn't imagine it actually having happened. Case in point — I recently read an article about a woman who because of her size was unable to keep her child out of traffic. She just couldn't make her legs go that fast to track down her 3-year old. There was another gentleman in the parking lot that ran and grabbed the child and pulled him out of the line of traffic. That was her moment of truth, and once she found that, she joined Weight Watchers.

Case by case, person by person, day by day, hour by hour, meal by meal we are making a difference. So, in this self-righteous place that I may be accused of living in, I can tell you that if you're going to talk about a subject that doesn't need to be full of deprecation, take the time to do your research and talk about the things that can make a difference in people's lives.