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Humane Society Honored For Huge Role In Solving Hoarding Case

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It's another chapter in the huge animal hoarding case in Belmont County.

As the dogs, cats, goats and horses get stronger, the sheriff expresses gratitude to the entities that made the massive rescue possible--the Humane Society of the United States and the Belmont County Animal Rescue League.

Reportedly it wasn't just food and water that the 120 animals lacked at this animal hoarder's farm.

There was a goat that couldn't walk.

The Humane Society discovered that Hazel wasn't paralyzed, just malnourished.

So they built a device that lifts Hazel to her feet, and they give her massages and physical therapy.

And it is working.

"Just yesterday, it was incredible, she got up and walked by herself," said Ashley Mauceri, H.S.U.S. Cruelty Response Manager.

There is a senior horse that's too old to eat hay, and another horse whose jaws don't come together properly.

"We always end up getting attached to these animals," says Rowdy Shaw, senior field responder. "These animals were emaciated and still are, but we're getting to watch them grow and turn into the horses they're supposed to be."

"We actually have about 12 to 16 people per day here and the reason we've kept the staffing so high is because of the medical needs of this population," says Sa'ra Varsa of the H.S.U.S.

Dogs are gaining weight, learning to trust people and even to wag their tail.

Sheriff Dave Lucas presented plaques of commendation to the H.S.U.S and the Belmont County Animal Rescue League.

He says it was a huge job, well done.

"I mean it's unbelievable the hours, the work and the volunteers and also the money and resources they've put into this," the sheriff noted.

Many of the animals are now well enough to be placed in H.S.U.S.-approved shelters all over the nation.

They will be moved out of the temporary shelter in Belmont County later this month.

Belmont Countians will never forget the time the H.S.U.S spent there, and the lives they saved.