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College Associate Dean Says We Should Watch North Korea

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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un continues to tough talk against the United States, threatening to take military action.

But Americans go about their daily business, without seeming to pay much attention.

Meanwhile, our top military officials are keeping a close eye on the young leader, who they describe as inexperienced and potentially volatile.

So how seriously should we take these threats?

Associate Dean Mike McTeague of Ohio University Eastern answered that question.

McTeague says the North Korean leader is new at the job and inexperienced.

He believes Kim Jong Un may be trying to show his control and authority--flex his muscles to the world.

As for taking him seriously, McTeague replies, "By all means."

While the world describes him as a very young leader, Kim actually is 31, an adult, but an adult who seems to be posturing.

"We consider him to be a neophyte," says McTeague. "He's someone who is untested and therefore he could be a maverick. We've had to deal with mavericks before, and they are troublesome. When we had Moammar Khadafy in Libya, we didn't like his actions. He would kind of go off on rants and tirades and it was always difficult to deal with him."

McTeague says the people of North Korea are poor, hungry and struggling.

He says perhaps the worst case scenario would be a nuclear accident.

He says that would pit the U.S.--a friend of South Korea--against China--a friend of North Korea.

He says nobody wants to see two super powers in a war, especially a nuclear war.