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Jack Russell Terrier Survives Pit Bull Attack on Wheeling Island

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A Wheeling Island couple is badly shaken but just happy their Jack Russell Terrier, Molly, is still alive.

James and Bonnie Campbell thought the worst had happened. "I thought my dog was dead," says Bonnie Campbell. "I kept screaming that she was dead. But they kept saying that she wasn't."

The Campbells were walking their two dogs, Chico and Molly, down an alley behind Vermont Street. They say a female pit bull squeezed under a fence, got out of its yard and attacked the Campbell's Jack Russell Terrier, Molly.

"This dog had our dog immediately," recalls Bonnie. "And he had her by the throat and was doing quite a bit of damage." They say the pit bull's owners came out and worked hard to stop the attack.

"The guy came out and laid on top of her," says James Campbell. "Then he got a stick, and the owner got another stick and he pried the dog's mouth open and I pulled my dog back."

In the end, Molly survived after hundreds of dollars in vet care, and she still faces a long road to recovery. The pit bull is quarantined in its owner's possession, and the owners are charged with violating the city's vicious dog ordinance.

Officials say she was inside a four-foot fence, rather than the required six-foot fence, and she wasn't registered as a dangerous breed.

County Dog Warden Doug McCroskey says this particular dog is simply dog-aggressive.

"This dog is friendly with people, it's just dog-aggressive," he says.

McCroskey says after the quarantine period, this case is likely to end up in court.

He says owners need to learn the rules and abide by them.

He says being proactive is so much easier than what happens if you're not.

"A judge is going to make a decision on whether this dog lives or dies," McCroskey noted. "So the survival of this dog is dependent on somebody else, when it should have been dependent on the owner."