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Voters Defeat Bellaire and Bridgeport School Levies

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Bellaire and Bridgeport School levies were defeated Bellaire and Bridgeport School levies were defeated

Voters defeated the Bellaire and Bridgeport school levies Tuesday night during the Ohio Special Primary. This is the sixth time the levy has been defeated for Bellaire.

The emergency levy for Bellaire Schools has been shot down every time it's been on the ballot for the last three years. The school district was looking for additional funding. So far, they have had to cut staff and programs and put off making important purchases.  Another big issue is the need to repair old school buses. Administrators and supporters in Bellaire have been working on promoting the levy since February.

The Bridgeport School District was looking to pass a levy that would put armed resource officers in their schools.

Bill Shubat, director of the Belmont County Board of Elections, said that this area of Ohio seems to have a greater voter turnout compared to other areas of the state.

"Southeastern Ohio, Belmont County in particular, but southeastern Ohio has always been higher than the rest of the state. Where you might have a 10 percent voter turnout in Franklin County, you would end up with a 30 percent voter turnout in Belmont County," said Shubat. "The people seem to be concerned about their candidates and their issues, so they do come out to vote."

Here are the results:

Bellaire School Levy

For-836 Against-1035

Bridgeport School Levy

For-230 Against-319

The St. Clairsville School Levy and the Memorial Park Levy were approved by voters. The park will stay open.

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