Neighbors React to Fire House Closing

[image] Pleasant Heights Fire Station has officially been closed

Now that the Pleasant Heights Fire Station has officially been closed, residents in the area are now fearing for their safety.

"It's dangerous. What if [my house] catches on fire? We don't have a fire department," said Carol Stackhouse.

"I don't like nobody shutting down the fire station. I like them waving at me and stuff and saving our lives," says Maybelle Kernen.

Pleasant Heights was officially closed 8 a.m. Wednesday and the fire fighters who once worked there, spent the majority of their day cleaning out personal belongings.

The fire house will now be home one of their trucks.

As for the other three fire fighters who were allowed to keep their jobs, they will be stationed downtown at the city building.

Hill Top residents must rely on crews from Downtown or the West End fire station to respond.

"If there is a fire up here on Lawson, the fire truck will take longer to get up here on Lawson and by the time they get up here the house might be burnt down or whoever is inside might get hurt real bad," said Roger Kernen.

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