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Criminal Justice Students Learn by Playing Inmates at Mock Riot

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The mock prison riots are all about training for law enforcement officers, but criminal justice students are learning what it's like to be inside the cell.

They're role playing as prisoners to help officers with their training but they're also gaining valuable experience themselves. Chris Przemieniecki is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Montgomery County Community College outside of Philadelphia. He says there's acting involved but the contact and hitting is all real.

"We come away battered and bruised but at the end of the day I think it's worth it," he says. "It provides a service for these guys to get some hands on training and talk about situations. It exposes my students to the other side; what it's like to be an inmate."

Chris Miller is nearing the end of his studies. He played the inmate for a cell extraction exercise.

"I'm actually really happy that I did this experience," he says. "It puts you in the mind of the criminal; what it would be like in prison. Especially because I want to be a police officer, you've got to dip into how they're going to act, and what to expect."