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Wheeling's Capitol Theatre Renovations Going Well, Still There's Much To Do

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For the past month, Wheeling's historic Capitol Theatre has been closed for renovations.

Inside, work is progressing at a feverish pace to meet a deadline two months from now.

But the seat replacement is only one part of the multi-faceted project.

They've removed the 2460 seats, selling 400 and scrapping the rest.

They've filled the holes in the floor with epoxy resin and now they're grinding down and smoothing the surface of the floor.

The work has been going nonstop for the past month.

And the theater's existing workforce is doing it all.

But there is still a huge amount to do, and with a deadline looming.

"We've got commitments for shows, we've got Willie Nelson, we've got the Wheeling Symphony, we've got those commitments and we need to keep those," said Denny Magruder, executive director of the Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority. "So is there some anxiety? There always is, particularly when you're dealing with an 85-year-old building and you're uncovering things that you didn't know existed. But the partners are in, everybody's working hard to make the time line, and I'm confident we will."

They still have to replace the seats and install new floor level track lighting.

They want to polish the chandeliers and deep-clean the woodwork.

They will also resurface the stage, replace the curtains and create all new handicap seating.

Magruder says, "We'll be working up to the 11th hour, but then we knew that going in."