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Washington Lands Hillside Continues to Slip Toward Neighborhood Below

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The hillside behind one Marshall County neighborhood is continuing to crack and slip closer and closer toward the homes below.

The land behind Bumpy Road in Washington Lands has now dropped about 65 feet since 7 News was first on scene last Friday. The Washington Lands Volunteer Fire Department and Marshall County EMA were at the slip on Wednesday to see the latest movement.

State representatives and the J. F. Green Construction Company were also checking out the slip earlier Wednesday. The company hauled extra dirt to the top of the hill that is now slipping  as part of the statewide Route 2 expansion and residents believe that to be the source of the problem.

The property owner told 7 News that there are now three more separate slips that they have noticed. And, as the slips continue to grow, so do the concerns of Captain Bill Murphy of the Washington Lands Volunteer Fire Department.

"I worry about the residents of Washington Lands," said Capt. Murphy. "Not too much happens down here but when it does it concerns everybody. This is a tight knit community, mostly everybody helps everybody, so I'd like to keep it that way. Showing the residents of Washington Lands, especially the 4 families involved that we have the department and we're here to help."

Tom Hart, director of Marshall County Office of Emergency Services, said arrangements have been made with the Red Cross to help out if the worst case scenario happens and the families underneath the slip are forced out of their homes.