Wheeling Park High School Addresses Teen Suicide


Wheeling Park High School brought students together on Wednesday for a more serious type of assembly.

The topic was suicide and suicide prevention, and school counselor Emily Trifaro presented students with a video of teens that have dealt with depression and even the suicide of friends. During the video, the teens reflected on warning signs that they say they could have picked up on that could have saved their friends' lives.

Trifaro said a big issues teens face is feeling like they may betray their friends if they tell someone. "Students are often scared to break their trust and confidence, scared to have a friend mad at them, they don't always want to tell an adult, because they're afraid something is going to happen but the thing is when you tell an adult we can get them the help they need, we can talk to their parents immediately and encourage medical assistance," she said.

The high school had planned the assembly before the beginning of the year and passed information out in the Patriot newsletter.

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