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Fracking Water Contents Must Be Revealed To Fire Departments

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If you've ever wondered exactly what's in that fracking water in the gas drilling industry, you're not alone.

But now, thanks to a new federal law, the shale drillers are mandated to make a full disclosure, not just to the Department of Natural Resources, but to the people who would need to know in case of emergency.

The law is brand new--it was enacted on September 30.

But already, firefighters are applauding it.

They're the ones who need to know exactly which toxic chemicals are contained in that fracking water, in case of emergency.

Now the company must give the complete list of chemicals to the fire department in the community in which they're working.

"It allows direct communication to the fire department so we are made aware of it right up front of what's in our area, as opposed to having to go out there and do research through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' web site to find out what potential hazards are out there in our coverage area," said Chief Ken Saffell of the Cumberland Trail Fire Department.

Chief Saffell says when you had to research it yourself, you often got a lot of information, but none of it was pertinent to what you needed.

This is a federal requirement, which trumps state laws.

They say this reporting change will benefit residents in areas where the fracking is going on.

They can now go to their emergency planning commission and ask for the records.