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Animosity Toward Government Suspected Motive from Wheeling Federal Building Shooting

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New information is being released about a possible motive of Wednesday's shooting at the Federal Building in Wheeling by former Wheeling police officer Thomas J. Piccard.

U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld said during a Thursday press conference that authorities believe it was an act of animosity toward government. He said, "I think it's important for the community to know that for this reason it does not appear that there were any individuals being targeted in the federal building yesterday it does not appear any offices were targeted be it the Attorney's office, United States Probation Office or any offices that were in that building."

The investigation inside and outside the building is still going on and not much information about the shooter is being released at the time. FBI Special agent John Hambrick said he is not releasing any more details about the possible motive , the type of rifle or handgun used, or Piccard's mental or physical state, or results of the autopsy.

Ihlenfeld said although he was inside the Federal Building working when the shootings happened, 40 percent of the building's employees were not because of the government shutdown.

Congressman David McKinley reacted to the far-reaching affects this shutdown is having. He said, "All the President has to do is deem those workers as essential workers and they would be able to remain on the job. For someone dealing with security and safety for employees, I would think this is essential. I'm very disappointed at some of the decisions that have been made." McKinley says as soon as he heard about the shootings, he quickly called someone at the Federal Building to make sure everyone was safe.