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Bellaire Had A Wild Weekend Of Crime To Deal With

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Bellaire Police had their hands full, responding to incidents, one after another.

Police arrested suspects on charges of everything from drugs to guns to stolen property over the weekend.

First, three men allegedly refused to pull over for a traffic stop at 5 a.m. Saturday, and attempted to drive off.

"We arrested three on various charges for drug possession of marijuana and heroin to obstructing justice and persistent disorderly conduct and of course traffic violations--they didn't have driver's licenses," said Police Chief Mike Kovalyk.

Then at 3:30 a.m. Saturday, there was reportedly a disturbance, first at Nelson Field and then in the Kroger parking lot.

"It started as an altercation between some people, and an individual became disorderly," Chief Kovalyk said. "He fled from the officers on foot, there was a foot chase over into the Kroger parking lot and that subject ended up going to jail."

In the end, they say a 56-year-old man is charged with obstructing justice, resisting arrest and persistent disorderly conduct.

Then Sunday afternoon, someone at Rich Oil was threatened with a gun.

Police got a description of three suspects which happened to match the description of individuals who had just stolen a handgun and other items from Moundsville.

After another foot chase, three men were taken into custody on a variety of charges ranging from aggravated menacing to receiving stolen property, obstructing justice and disorderly conduct.

"We recovered the stolen property and the stolen handgun that had come from Moundsville," said the chief. "It was a 45-mm semi-automatic handgun."

He says it's the type of activity they're seeing more and more.

"It's getting to be an everyday occurrence," said the chief. "A lot of these people are not from Bellaire. They're from out of town, and we're getting a lot of traffic back and forth across the river. So we're just trying to do what we can with what we have, and provide the best protection and service to the people of this town."