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Multi-Car Accident on U.S. 250 Gives Bridgeport Woman The Fright of Her Life

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Sunset Heights resident Alishia Martin, who was walking her dog on Thursday evening, never expected to receive the fright of her life after she witnessed a multi-vehicle crash on U.S. 250.

"All I know - I was letting my dog in the house, and the van behind us hit the - I mean, just came right at us," she said, barely an hour after an accident that involved three vehicles.

Police at the scene believe the multi-car pileup on U.S. Route 250 westbound began when a Chevy pickup truck with oil and gas workers in it crossed the center line.  The truck sideswiped a Subaru, and continued left-of-center until it struck a minivan head-on in front of the Martin household. Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Jason Greenwood said he had a pretty good sense of the cause of this mishap.

"Right now, alcohol seems to be a part of the cause of the crash, and we're investigating that now," Sgt. Greenwood said. "We have an officer at the hospital talking to the 'at-fault' driver now. And once that's determined, we'll take the appropriate charges then."

Charges for driving while under the influence won't soothe the fears Martin has, especially with her special needs child.  She wants somebody - anybody - to make drivers slow down on that part of highway.

"I've asked for a sign - just to put 'Autistic Child at Play', or 'Child at Play' - just something for it to slow down up here." Martin said.