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59 News visits haunted grounds of Lake Shawnee

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Said to be one of the most haunted places in the entire world is an abandoned amusement park in Mercer County that also happens to be Indian burial grounds from the 1700's.

Historical records show three children of the Clay family were killed by a group of Indians trying to move in on the lands. The other gruesome tragedy on the grounds happened after the site was transformed into an amusement park. Two or more children were killed in various ways on the different rides.

One girl the White family said they interact with the most is a girl who died on the swings.

"She was riding on the swings and a Pepsi truck came in and slid in the mud and killed her, crushed her," said Gaylord White.

They said just swaying your hand over one of the seats on the swing is enough to get it to move.  The spirit of that little girl, the White family said has been the strongest one that they and others have seen, felt, and even heard.

Jewell White remembered a time when a family with a young child came and were standing by the swing, and they set their daughter down for one second.

"The little girl was standing there and she reached up and tugged on her daddy's arm and said 'Daddy, can I go play with the kids on the swing set,'" said Jewell.

We also received insight from Appalachee Paranormal investigators.

"It seemed like it was just here to have fun essentially... and if something is stuck here for whatever reason especially if it's a little girl to her it's an amusement park and she's here to have fun," said Matt Cline.

But the spirits here are not all as pleasant.  White said visitors often talk about seeing dead people sitting in the old ferris wheel carts.  And the negative energy they say is also prevalent inside some buildings on the grounds.

"Over by the old trailers over there we had some very interesting activity, maybe even something a little darker it was pretty intense," said Cline.

They said knocking on this door sometimes brings sounds of a man yelling, and they've captured pictures of a young girl inside a building.

Shawnee Lake has gained national attention in the past few years. It was named one of the most haunted places in the world and one of the most terrifying in the country.