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Ohio Valley Veterinarian's Computer Hacked, Scammers Send Out Fake Email

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A veterinarian in the Ohio Valley is emerging from a cyber crime with a smile and a joke, but also with a serious warning for everyone.

Dr. Jim Radcliffe's email was hacked, and the hackers sent a scam email to everyone on his contact list, pretending to be him, and asking them to send money. The doctor says at first, he felt angry and violated, but in the end he realized that everyone who ever goes online is vulnerable.

The title of the phony email was "Sad News." It claimed that Dr. Radcliffe was touring the Philippines when his wallet and cell phone were stolen. So, he was supposedly asking to borrow $2,450 in order to help him return to the country.

The grammar was sketchy an the composition was awkward. It ended by saying, "Please let me know soonest."

The doctor is reacting with a sense of humor, saying his grammar is a little better than that.

"As far as we know, nobody sent them any money," said Radcliffe. "But we did get some very strange telephone calls. My accountant was one of the people who called. He said, 'You didn't tell me you were going out of town.' As I've said, they've actually hacked the White House. They've hacked the Pentagon. What makes me think Town and Country Animal Hospital is safe? At this moment, I know I'm not."

Dr. Radcliffe says it's ironic that he had every possible safety feature in place, from firewalls to anti-virus software. But, he says if someone wants to hack into your account, he can.

He says whether you tweet, send an email, or log on to find out about veterinary medicine, if you're online, you are vulnerable to hackers.

His advice: Don't open an email unless you know the sender.