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Marshall County School Board Discusses School Year Calendar

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The Marshall County Board of Education angered some residents of Cameron when it voted in May to keep a schedule keeping elementary and high school students at Cameron in school year-round. 

On Tuesday, at a workshop in Moundsville, the superintendent explained how the West Virginia legislature made changes to rules concerning school year calendars.

Marshall County Schools Superintendent Michael Hince told the board, "I think everyone is in agreement that we just need to be on one calendar.  That doesn't mean it's that calendar or this calendar - it's not an 'either or'.  The law on the calendar did change - which gives us a lot more leeway."

Hince went on to point out the law changes give school districts a 48-week window for the school year. It also requires two public hearings before the board may adopt a calendar for the school year. Board members expressed a preference for the administration to present them with several options of potential school year calendars before moving forward with a particular one.