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Outdoor Pets Need To Come Inside When The Temperatures Hover Near Zero

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When the temperature hovers near the zero mark, it's hard enough to stay comfortable indoors.

But it creates a huge danger for outdoor pets.

While your dog may have fur, he's basically out there in his bare feet.

Even indoor dogs may need a sweater or T-shirt to keep away the shivers.

And outdoors, there is biting wind, blowing snow and solid ice in the dog's water bowl.

So animal care experts pretty much sum up their advice in three words--bring them inside.

"If your pet is outside, ideally you need to bring him inside to protect him from the freezing temperatures," said Dr. Pam Harrold of Long Run Animal Hospital in Ohio County. "If you absolutely can't bring him in, at least add extra blankets and straw to his house, and change his water frequently because it will freeze quickly. And outdoor dogs will need extra food because they burn more calories in the freezing temperatures."

Also, bang on your hood before starting your car, in case there's a cat camping out in your engine compartment.

Keep your bird's cage away from drafts, which can be deadly when it's this cold.

And dog booties?

A great idea, says Dr. Harrold, because they protect your dog's paws from both frozen surfaces and harsh sidewalk chemicals.