Good Zoo Keeping a Close Eye on Animals During Cold Snap


At Oglebay's Good Zoo, handlers are keeping a very close eye on their furry friends, and some of their tips can help yours at home too.

The Good Zoo at Oglebay has closed for the season and with good reason; Almost all of the outdoor exhibits don't have any animals in them. Good Zoo Director Penny Miller said, "All of our animals that are typically out, we've shifted them inside."

All animals are inside heated shelters, most of which are attached to their outdoor exhibits where they're protected from the dropping temperatures and most importantly, the wind.

Miller said, "Well, the wind lowers the temperature with the wind chill factor and it's blowing their feathers and their fur so they don't have that locked down insulation that they normally have."

These animals are not just protected from the elements with enclosures, but employees use several techniques and equipment to make sure they stay warm and dry, such as a heated water hose and water heater for troughs. Employees also give lamas and donkeys extra hay to warm themselves in, and have equipment and plans ready in case the power shuts off. 

Miller continued, "We have generators at every building that we've moved in place so we can power up that building and put in accessory heaters if we lose power, but we also have temperature alarms that we've had those for years."

Many of the techniques and equipment used for the zoo animals, can also be a big help to pet owners as well. For instance, making sure the animals are fed a little extra during the winter months so they have more body heat to keep them warm.

The Good Zoo will re-open during weekends starting in March.

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