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Letter to the editor: President Obama still looking out for us

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Today was the second time I happened to catch your State Journal show when (Charleston) Mayor Danny Jones was a guest. By his comments, he seemed to be a reasonable Republican, but as the show progressed, I was struck by the negative turn the show took as both of you named "losers" for the year. I was left with a bleak outlook for our state. To hear our President called a "loser" on our state's major news outlet with no counter opinion made me feel like your stations are operating as a propaganda outlet for one side in a partisan political discussion. 

Our country's working people and poor have no lobby as do the country's rich, who write much legislation that becomes law, and it is no surprise that it benefits them. I am a public school Head Start teacher with two Masters degrees struggling to pay bills on my salary. Because of the Republican-led "do nothing" Congress, our funding was cut and I was unable to buy supplies. Many families of my students were and are affected by the Republican attack on the poor. I have two sons in the Navy. The government shutdown affected them directly, as it affected my husband's income as he is a stock broker. The lack of Congress' willingness to pass a jobs bill or a large enough stimulus has hurt our ability to recover from the 2008 financial crisis which happened under Republican watch. 

It is a fact that President (Barack) Obama was fairly elected by the people. The feeling I had when he won was that the people finally had an advocate. It was with great disappointment that I watched Congress systematically block every single thing this President tried to do. No, President Obama is not the "loser," the "loser" is the Republican-led Congress backed by big money that wishes to only benefit the wealthy. Big money and business has manipulated the poor working people of the country into voting against their own best interests. Sure Obamacare has had some roadblocks, but can you imagine the strides that could have been made if this administration had cooperation instead of a concerted media campaign designed to make it fail? Additionally, my husband and I have been ashamed of the thinly-veiled racism this President has had to endure. The President's opponents have used whites' conscious and unconscious distaste for having a black President to have them unwittingly support an agenda that does not benefit themselves, but benefits big business. As parents of two active-duty military, we were relieved to have President Obama become our Commander-in-Chief. He is brilliant and rightly wishes to use diplomacy rather than military action to achieve peace. 

I wish to say that many of our problems in government today were caused by President (Ronald) Reagan and his desire to "deregulate." This policy caused the FCC to abolish The Fairness Doctrine which required broadcasts to present both sides of an argument. Ending this control gave rise to talk show extremists who empower the "nuts" and drive a bigger and bigger wedge between Democrats and Republicans so there can be no compromise. In essence, the Republican desire to deregulate is what has ruined the Republican party. In closing, no, Mr. Cary, the real "losers" are the fragmented Republican Party and their Congress. The real winners are the American people and the Democratic Party because we elected a President who has been our advocate and we are united in our commitment to human rights, environmental regulations to protect our beautiful state and country, healthcare for all, and the Christian values of helping the poor. Yes, West Virginia, your President is turning the other cheek and still looking out for you, even if you are not looking out for yourselves. 

Nancy Kincaid,