UPDATE: Police Getting Closer to Discovering Origin of Harassing Texts Sent to Toronto High School Girls



Police continue to investigate a string of harassing texts that students at Toronto High School have been receiving.

Earlier this month, police and the Jefferson County prosecutor subpoenaed the group text application used to send out the anonymous texts, and this week received the results from a company called Text Now, which showed that the group message was created by a Yahoo account.

Now, authorities have subpoenaed Yahoo and are waiting for the those results. No charges have been filed at this time.

ORIGINAL STORY, January 27, 2014:

Harassing texts to a group of Toronto High School girls have caught the attention of authorities and the Ohio Valley Black Caucus, and now, an investigation is underway.

Authorities say it started back in December when about 12 Toronto high school students began receiving harassing texts. It stopped for a while, but started again this past week. The texts were sent out by an anonymous individual, most of them containing various swear words and racial slurs.

Delores Wiggins, with the Ohio Valley Black Caucus, believes the texts have gotten out of hand and need to be taken seriously. The mother of two of the students who have been receiving the texts said that she's even gotten texts from this person as well, but she doesn't respond.

Principal Maureen Taggart said they are taking all the necessary precautions but have turned this over to the police department because the incident did not occur on school property. Taggart added that she's made all of the staff aware of the problem and has them monitoring the students.

Police Chief Randy Henry said the prosecutor has subpoenaed the group text application that was used in order to trace it back to the sender.

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