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New Program Helping Diabetes Patients

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One local physician has developed one of the first diabetes reversal programs in the nation and can get diabetes patients off of medication. It's a new and unique treatment created by a local physician that has had a 100 percent success rate. 

Dr. Emil Nardone has been practicing in Wheeling for 15 years, but for the last year and a half, he's been extremely successful in the functional practice of diabetes reversal. What's unique about his program is instead of addressing what happens to the patients due to Type 2 diabetes, he works to fix the root of the problem. 

"Now I can start treating the cause of the diabetes, not the symptoms and when we start to see causes, we see miraculous changes," Nardone said.

Each patient goes through a series of interviews to determine their physical issues and most importantly  their motivation. Then they go through multiple tests to identify where the disease is and what exactly is going on. One of Nardone's patients says those tests are the key to what her problem was.

"I was allergic to insulin and I didn't even know it until Dr. Nardone tested me for it," said Doris Altmeyer, a diabetes patient.

Now Doris  Altmeyer is only taking three medications instead of twenty-six. She says she's got her life back . Nardone believes she is on her way to being medication free, and she isn't the only success story from his practice.

"I've never seen a patient fail. One way or another I've seen great results throughout patient care," Nardone said.