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More Troubles Brew for the Belmont County Animal Rescue League From Ohio SPCA

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Commissioner Mark Thomas Commissioner Mark Thomas

An organization calling itself the Ohio SPCA, who has no relation to the national organization, claims the Belmont County Animal Rescue League does not comply with state law in the way it is set up.

They claim it's not specifically a "county humane society" as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.
They are also demanding the shelter's records. 

County Commissioners received the material late Wednesday afternoon and say they have not had the opportunity to deal with it.

However, Commissioner Mark Thomas said the latest chapter in the animal shelter saga has remained positive. He said county residents and animal lovers all over the Ohio Valley can be assured that positive strides are being made. "We continue some very amicable dialogue with the Belmont County Animal Rescue League. We are working on solutions to some of the issues," said Thomas. "Our goal here in the short term and then into the long term is to make continued progress with the staff, with policies, with procedures, and most importantly, with adoptions of as many animals as possible."

In a commission meeting Wednesday, it was announced that dog warden Verna Painter has retired. Painter spent 40 years in the animal rescue field. Thomas said the assistant dog warden is serving in that capacity.

The commission is looking to hire a new dog warden.