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West Virginia State Wrestling - A-AA Day One

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Results Thursday from the Class AA-A high school wrestling tournament at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena:
Team Standings
1. Independence 35 points. 2. North Marion High School 26 points. 3. Oak Glen 23.5 points. 4. Greenbrier West 20 points. 5. Clay County 19 points. 6. Calhoun County 18.5 points. 7. Roane County 18 points. 8. Keyser 17.5 points. 9. St. Marys 16 points. 10. Wahama 15 points. 11. Nicholas County 14 points. 11. (tie) Williamstown 14 points. 13 12 Berkeley Springs. points. 14. East Fairmont High School 10 points. 15. Fairmont Senior High School 9.5 points. 16. Cameron 8 points. 16. (tie) Magnolia 8 points. 17. (tie) Ritchie County 8 points. 18. (tie) Braxton County 8 points. 19. (tie) Petersburg 8 points. 20. (tie) Wirt County 8 points. 22. Herbert Hoover 7 points. 23. Frankfort 6 points. 23. (tie) Grafton 6 points. 24. (tie) Lincoln 6 points. 26. Doddridge County 4 points. 26. (tie) Philip Barbour 4 points. 27. (tie) Bridgeport 4 points. 28. (tie) Midland Trail 4 points. 29. (tie) Bluefield 4 points. 30. (tie) Moorefield 4 points. 31. (tie) Wyoming East 4 points. 33. Sissonvile 3 points. 34. Fayetteville 2 points. 34. (tie) Richwood 2 points. 35. (tie) Liberty Harrison 2 points. 37. Clay-Battelle. 37. (tie) Madonna. 38. (tie) Tyler Consolidated. 39. (tie) Weir High. 40. (tie) Webster County. 41. (tie) Robert C Byrd. 42. (tie) Buffalo. 43. (tie) Ravenswood. 44. (tie) Poca. 45. (tie) Liberty Raleigh.
Individual results
Hunter Riffle, Doddridge County, fall Zane Thompson, Petersburg,; 1:27; Jacob Spencer, Roane County, fall Logan Bean, Webster County, 1:25 Jeremiah Gerhard, Frankfort, fall Chris Carvillano, Fairmont Senior High School, 3:32 Jack Cummings, Clay County, fall D J Reed, Greenbrier West, :21 Chase Stover, Herbert Hoover, maj. dec. Nathan McClaughterty, Independence, 11-0 Ryan Debee, Oak Glen, maj. dec. Mariah Vu, Robert C Byrd, 9-1 Alen Meheney, Calhoun County, fall Triston Swafford, Fayetteville, 1:10 Joe Efaw, North Marion High School, fall Tanner Holbert, Lincoln, 1:39.
Danny Wyke, Oak Glen, fall Devan McKown, Calhoun County, 1:07 Alex Davis, Berkeley Springs, fall Trisha Lee, Midland Trail, 5:06 Cam Moore, Roane County, fall Alex Gilliland, Ritchie County, 0:51 Teddy Stover, Independence, fall Dalton Owens, Lincoln, 0:53 Dalton Wilt, Keyser, fall Alex Clutter, Webster County, 0:38 Riley Nice, Magnolia, dec. Tristan Duley, Herbert Hoover, 7-1 Logan Robertson, Greenbrier West, dec. David Murphy, Philip Barbour, 5-0 Ryan Keckley, Sissonvile, maj. dec. Gianni Vandetta, East Fairmont High School, 9-0.
Weight: 120; Ryan Elliott, North Marion High School, fall Jason Lay, Nicholas County, 1:51 Riley White, Roane County, fall Ethan Grant, Robert C Byrd, 3:57 Will Cox, Independence tech. fall Dalton Wood, Cameron, 18-3 Corey Secrist, Petersburg, fall Camery Ford, Poca, 1:53 Houstin McCune, Calhoun County tech. fall Noah Rhine, Bridgeport, 17-2 Jacob Monn, Ritchie County, fall Triston Harvey, Liberty Raleigh, 1:02 Ethen Whitlock, Keyser, fall Jon Garnes, Sissonvile, 2:11 Caleb Currence, Greenbrier West, dec. Robert Bozek, Oak Glen, 3-2.
Josh Cornell, Oak Glen tech. fall Brian King, Frankfort, 16-0 Ben Alderson, Greenbrier West, dec. Dalton Smith, Williamstown, 7-2 Cody Goff, Grafton, fall Daynon Foster, East Fairmont High School, :44 Bailey Bowles, Fayetteville, dec. Chris Goad, Calhoun County, 5-3 Jacob Hart, Independence tech. fall Mac Williams, Buffalo, 15-0 Caleb Kuhn, North Marion High School, fall Ian Nuzum, Philip Barbour, 3:22 Jacob Bennett, Wahama won by forfeit over Jimmy Pritt, Nicholas County Trent Borror, Petersburg, fall Clay Adams, Magnolia, 3:45.
Avery Flowers, Oak Glen, maj. dec. Johnny Taylor, Calhoun County, 9-0 Billy Wilson, Berkeley Springs, fall Troy Farrell, Fayetteville, 5:27 Dalton George, Williamstown, fall Phillip Good, Madonna, :35 Jacob Cooper, Independence, fall Michael Ferguson, Keyser, 2:32 Alex West, Lincoln, fall Joey Lupardus, Wyoming East, 2:38 Kyle Elliott, North Marion High School, maj. dec. Jesse Weese, Herbert Hoover, 14-2 Dustin Yoakum, Greenbrier West, fall Carter Householder, Bridgeport, 1:33 Randale Robie, Wahama, maj. dec. Brody Nesslerotte, East Fairmont High School, 9-1.
Dalton Michael, East Fairmont High School, fall Christian Frame, Nicholas County, 2:50 Cody Ferguson, Wirt County, dec. Justin Massie, Bridgeport, 7-1 Colton Ward, Independence, dec. Brent Wyne, Fairmont Senior High School, 3-2 Robert Pritt, Clay County, fall Matt Marshall, Berkeley Springs, 4:54 Casey Ritchie, Calhoun County, fall Preston Nelson, Robert C Byrd, 3:11 Nick Tice, Oak Glen, fall Kenneth Metheney, Richwood, 3:04 Brandon Weaver, Lincoln, dec. Zach Callen, Herbert Hoover, 4-2 Austin Stanley, North Marion High School, dec. Jordan Grimmett, Greenbrier West, 6-1.
Anthony Alvaro, Fairmont Senior High School tech. fall Caleb Whitney, Braxton County, 17-2 Matt Moore, Nicholas County, fall Austin Cook, Sissonvile, 5:17 Garrett Crites, Keyser, dec. Patrick Arneault, Oak Glen, 11-7 Austin Raines, Williamstown, dec. Cameron Underwood, Fayetteville, 8-6 OT Cody Clifton, Independence, fall Kyle McClanahan, Poca, 3:34 Ryan Arnett, North Marion High School, maj. dec. Stefan Buser, Frankfort, 14-3 Cole Ritchie, Calhoun County, fall Christian Oster, Bluefield, 1:52 CJ Capps, Berkeley Springs, fall Colton Kirby, Clay-Battelle, 4:34.
Hayden Stewart, East Fairmont High School, fall Alex Goff, Herbert Hoover, 2:32 Jordan Tincher, Greenbrier West, dec. Beau Horner, Keyser, 7-5 OT Jake Tracewell, Williamstown, fall Tyler Forquer, Clay-Battelle, 2:59 Logan Brown, Richwood, dec. Nick Muller, Bridgeport, 3-0 Tyler Moore, Grafton, dec. Ryder Collins, Webster County, 9-2 Alex Shuman, Oak Glen, dec. Joe Copley, Roane County, 9-4 Noah Adams, Independence, fall Nathan Lewis, Frankfort, 4:27 Andrew Lewis, North Marion High School, dec. David Overbay, Calhoun County, 6-4.
Hunter Haines, Cameron, fall Nick Carlile, Webster County, 3:04 Levi Jarvis, Braxton County, fall Seth Moore, Calhoun County, 4:30 Malik Boatwright, Greenbrier West, fall Matt Hopwood, East Fairmont High School, 5:03 James Bell, Philip Barbour, dec. Logan Lindsey, Williamstown, 5-3 Luke Scott, Roane County, fall Garrett Morris, Berkeley Springs, 2:18 Paden McConaughey, Magnolia, dec. Wade Leggett, Nicholas County, 5-2 Jacob Mellott, Keyser tech. fall Matt Toney, Wirt County, 15-0 Dustin Justice, Independence, dec. Will Hogan, Oak Glen, 9-8.
Cam Stewart, East Fairmont High School, dec. Sam Brake, Berkeley Springs, 8-7 Alex Daniels, Independence, fall Ryan Stewart, Clay County, 1:31 Cody Rodeheaver, Keyser, fall Tre Lewis, Fairmont Senior High School, :47 Cole Boatright, Calhoun County, maj. dec. Danny Arnott, Wyoming East, 16-3 Marquis Frazier, Greenbrier West, fall Nathan Cunningham, Ravenswood, 2:43 Mikey Houser, St. Marys, fall Colton Turner, Petersburg, 4:43 Kane Roush, Wahama, fall Roman Wallace, Bluefield, :18 Bryson Dennison, Braxton County, fall Devon Chadwick, Oak Glen,; 1:06.
Caleb Nice, Magnolia, fall Brody Thomas, Herbert Hoover, 1:31 Thomas Williams, Independence, dec. Tyler Rohrbaugh, Petersburg, 7-4 Tyler Stewart, Clay County, fall Anthony Herring, St. Marys, 1:06 Jacob Summe, Wyoming East, fall Cody Jenkins, Grafton, 5:09 Will Schoonover, Moorefield, fall Tristen Kessler, Greenbrier West, :24 Waylon Miller, Cameron, fall Patrick Berry, Ravenswood, 3:41 Jake Tyler, Nicholas County, fall Zach Stickley, Keyser, 2:42 Walker Siers, Wirt County, fall Noah Flowers, Oak Glen, 1:55.
Jeremy Pratt, St. Marys, fall Will Mayes, Nicholas County, 1:38 Demetrius Serevicz, Wahama, fall Brady Lott, Robert C Byrd, 2:55 Trey Williams, Independence, dec. Shaine Livada, Madonna, 4-1 Brandon White, Clay County, maj. dec. Ethan Lucas, Grafton, 13-2 David Hastings, Williamstown, fall Andrew Daugherty, Philip Barbour, :42 Tyler Arnett, North Marion High School, fall Levi Workman, Webster County, 2:22 Braxton Lewis, Frankfort, dec. Scott Gibson, Roane County, 6-0 Mark Sutton, Bluefield, fall Dakota Price, Oak Glen, 5:33.
Vincent Delligatti, Fairmont Senior High School, fall Kolton Jones, Liberty Harrison, 2:20 Dylan Pickrell, Wirt County, dec. Cody Loudermilk, Greenbrier West, 3-1 Travis Pomp, Philip Barbour, dec. Roger Cummings, North Marion High School, 1-0 Wyatt Dawson, Clay County, fall Christian McGuire, Midland Trail, :43 Drew Hicks, Nicholas County, dec. Cody Smith, Williamstown, 7-1 Josh Hart, Ritchie County, fall Brier Anderson, Bridgeport, 3:24 Zane Weese, Herbert Hoover, fall Jacob Shrewsbury, Independence, 3:12 Corey Stewart, St. Marys, fall Shawn Evans, Frankfort, 5:53.
Tyler Davis, St. Marys, fall Willy Parsons, Ravenswood, :09 Ryan Moore, Liberty Harrison, dec. Jacob Smith, Greenbrier West, 1-0 Caije Nichols, Roane County, dec. Hunter Six, Clay-Battelle, 7-1 Anthony Murdock, Midland Trail, fall Matthew Stewart, Keyser, 1:25 Noah Markley, Bridgeport, fall Ethan Bender, Webster County, 1:23 Noah Mills, Oak Glen, fall Peyton Carey, Herbert Hoover, 3:48 Thorton Hall, Nicholas County, fall Danny Summers, Lincoln, 2:16 Brent Barber, Fairmont Senior High School, dec. Jacob Moore, Buffalo, 12-7; .

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