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Tiffany Lawrence

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Director of Resource Development and Marketing,
United Way of the Eastern Panhandle
Shepherdstown, 31

According to Tiffany Lawrence, her life has come full circle over the past 12 years.

Lawrence, director of resource development and marketing at United Way of the Eastern Panhandle, and a current member of the House of Delegates serving the 65th District, once interned for the West Virginia Legislature and United Way in the same year.

"It's really neat to be serving in both capacities," she said. "Of course I think what I do in the non-profit world is very similar to what I do as a legislator ... working on causes and missions for people ... doing good, good work for our community and fostering a positive environment for the Eastern Panhandle."

Lawrence is the youngest woman ever elected to the Legislature, running when she was 25 years old and taking office at age 26. 

United Way represents 42 other non-profit agencies, giving Lawrence plenty of opportunities to work with the missions of others and develop special events. Lawrence also runs the "Million Dollar Community" campaign.

"I enlist a whole team of about 60 volunteers to run that campaign and program every single year," she said.

When it comes to reflecting on her own life, Lawrence said she has been blessed and fortunate to make her own path and do what's important to her, which is providing service for people, in both a paid and a volunteer capacity.

No matter where Lawrence is at, memories of Shepherdstown are never far away.

"Growing up in Shepherdstown (was) incredible," she said. "It's a little historic town with absolutely amazing people and amazing small town businesses and one of the best school systems I've ever seen locally ... just a really neat experience. 

Lawrence said she always tries to drive over the bridge when going back to Shepherdstown.

"I drive through Maryland, go over the bridge, see the lights at the Bavarian Inn and that always tells me I'm home," she said.

The Shepherdstown native received a double major in political science and business administration with a concentration in marketing at Shepherd University. She then received a master's in business administration at Shenandoah University in Virginia. While at Shenandoah, Lawrence had a fellowship and was a teaching assistant for students in free enterprise.