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Technology offers a new way to report bullies

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New phone applications are allowing students to report bullying incidents inside their schools.

I looked into one called Sprigeo. It asks a series of questions about the bullying incident and claims to send that information directly to school leaders.

The app's founder said it provides students a layer of trust they may not feel with school faculty.

"I need to know if I report something to you as the school principal, I need to know that you are going to keep my identity confidential," said app founder Joe Bruzzese.

I asked him if student's personal information would be secure in the app.

"I can guarantee that it's safe," he said.

It is free for students to use but not for schools. He said schools can pay an annual fee of around $600 to partner up with Sprigeo for more anti-bullying resources.

I found a similar app called BullyTracker. It's listed under a company called BreakPoint Solutions. I couldn't find much on the Internet about the company, but I did track down the president via Skype.

BullyTracker's system is also set up for schools to subscribe to the app, and then all reports are forwarded along to school leaders. Mark Sokoloff said this one would cost a school around $5 per student.

He said the money is worth it.

"You're never going to be comfortable coming up to an adult no matter what policy has been put in place, I have been bullied by this person, that person, you are going to feel like a tattletale.

He also said it's safe.

"It's not hackable."

These apps could offer students another option to report school bullying.

Sprigeo's president said they have tens of thousands of reports in their database since it launched in 2010.

Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia partners up with Sprigeo.