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Patrick Dwyer aces Wheeling Jesuit University's standardized general analysis test for psychology

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Wheeling Jesuit University senior psychology major Patrick Dwyer made university history, becoming the first student to ace the psychology department's standardized general analysis test called "Educational Testing Services Psychology Subject Exam."

The test of topics taught during the course of four years at WJU has been administered for several years.

"I was surprised and excited when I got my results," Dwyer said. "I can't thank my professors enough for their dedication and attention they have given me over the last four years.  I would not have been able to achieve this score without them."

According to Bryan Raudenbush, WJU professor and psychology department chairman, the highest score possible on the exam is a 200.

"This is like taking the psychology version of the SAT or ACT, except it's all about one subject," Raudenbush said.

Dwyer came to Wheeling Jesuit from Martinsburg. He recently presented a research project in Boston at a conference with other WJU psychology students. The topics included: "The effects of weight feedback and disordered eating on food choice in a mock cafeteria buffet" and "The effects of scent administration on gambling behaviors in men."

The WJU psychology department requires students to score in the top 15 percent on this national exam of psychology knowledge to graduate. Reviewing the last several years of WJU student scores, faculty discovered that students' averages are in the top 1.5 percentile in the nation. Dwyer broke the departmental record, previously held by Nathan Corley.

Dwyer will graduate from WJU May 17. He plans to pursue a law degree and has already been accepted to a number of colleges and universities.