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Ohio County Board of Education Candidate Sign Torched Four Times

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WHEELING - A first-time Board of Education candidate in Ohio County is speaking out after his campaign sign was torched four times.
Tim Birch said at first, he thought the wind was blowing the sign over, but upon closer examination, a small fire had been set underneath.

Birch said each time it has happened, it appears an accelerant like a paint thinner has been used. The small fires have scorched the grass and weeds underneath, and now there are spots on the sign that are starting to melt. Birch said the sign now has a lot of carbon on it from the four fires, but he will leave it there and see what happens.

He said it's the only sign, out of a number of different campaign ones that is being targeted.

He also said he has no idea who is doing the damage, "I don't know who they are, I don't know why. I must've got someone awfully mad at me or something. I don't know what it is. But for some reason, they're picking on that sign. There's a bunch of other candidates signs around it, and nothing has ever been done to them. Never been kicked over, nothing, but mine's been really abused."

Overall, Birch said he is disappointed someone is targeting his sign, and he wishes they would leave it alone. He said he doesn't want to bother police with keeping eye on a $100 campaign sign when there is other crime to fight.