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Martins Ferry Family Looking for Answers After Dog Is Poisoned

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A Martins Ferry family is grieving the death of their black lab and looking for answers.

When Lou Kutys went to give his son's dog Oreo a "dog cookie" Friday, Oreo was laying motionless by the fence. Kutys then called Martins Ferry Police and they made a disturbing discovery.

"There were two empty rat poison containers that were laying in the yard," said Kutys. "I had never seen them before. I have no clue how they got here. Obviously the dog ate it, or it was mixed with something and it killed her."

Lou Kutys has had to deal with someone allegedly poisoning one of his dogs once before. Six years ago, his mother's English setter, Junior, ate hamburger meat that was filled with rat poison after it was allegedly thrown over the fence at the same house. Fortunately, she saw the dog eating it, knew something was wrong, and got the dog to the vet in time. Junior now lives with Kutys and is 9 years old, but Kutys is afraid to let him out in the yard without supervision.

"The other dog is penned inside right now. I'm not letting him out in this yard until I got over every inch of this yard to make sure there's nothing else hidden or nothing we missed."

Kutys says Oreo's death has been tough not only on him but his 17 year old son as well.

"Actually the hardest part was having to tell my son when he got home from school," said Kutys. "The black lab was actually his dog. Tell him his dog was dead and I can't give him a good reason why anyone would want to poison and kill a friendly, wonderful dog. A 3-year, she was just over being a puppy."

Kutys is now worried about other neighborhood pets because the alleged dog killer is still on the loose.

"The only advice I can give you is to start walking and looking through your yard before you let your dog out," said Kutys. "I mean a 6 foot fence all the way around and it wasn't enough to protect my dogs from the outside world. That's why the fence is here. It's not to keep them in, it's to keep them safe."

Kutys says Martins Ferry Police have been very helpful and took the poison containers as evidence, but they can't launch a formal investigation until they see the results of the necropsy which is currently being done at Ohio State University.

Anyone with any information can call Martins Ferry Police at 740-633-2121.