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Peaceful Protesters in Bellaire Gather to Voice Opinion on Flanagan

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On Friday, protesters gathered across the street from the police station to voice their opinion of the viral video and officer Dick Flanagan.

The video shows Flanagan yelling and cursing at a woman on a routine call.    

More than 40 peaceful protesters showed up by about 12:15 P.M. A few had their faces covered, but many were comfortable with showing their identity.

One woman said, "He could have got his point across without foul language, scaring the residents."

Another, wearing an Anonymous mask stated, "the behavior is extremely appalling and not becoming of an officer."

Across the street outside Flanagan's Pub, several people said they supported Dick Flanagan and had derogatory things to say about the protesters. They would not, however, speak on camera.

People drove by while waving and beeping their car horns in support of the protesters.
One bystander near the protest spoke out and supported Flanagan.

"Maybe he was a little, you know, he could have said it a little better. He deals with a lot being a police officer, having to protect. Things are getting bad in Bellaire and he has a lot to deal with. Sometimes he might have to get mouthy to get his point across," she said.

One man said he had been arrested by Flanagan in the past and claimed the officer used foul language, racial slurs and physical force.

The police had no presence at the protest. Officer Dick Flanagan told 7 News on the phone after the protest that he actually supports their right to assemble, as long as it was a peaceful assembly.