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Mooney and Casey take 2nd district

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When it comes to District Two, Nick Casey-D and Alex Mooney-R won out at the ballot box.

While awaiting election results in downtown Charleston with family and friends, Casey thanked and acknowledged the support of family and friends. He also praised running mate Meshea Poore for a positive campaign and referred to her as a “great lady.”

”I want to thank Delegate Meshea Poore for running a positive and issue oriented campaign in the primary and for her dedication to public service.”

Existing issues Casey pointed to include getting the federal budget in line to focus on the priorities of the Mountain State, building roads, bridges, schools, water and sewer projects and having an energy that allows the Mountain State to contribute to the national economy.

During election day, Casey was up and running. Instead of resting, Casey said it is important to “run like your pants are on fire” and spent the day calling to thank his supporters.

“I wasn’t worried about the voting,” he said.

Tomorrow, Casey said he will wake up at 9 a.m. to run the six miles he runs every Wednesday.

Appearing as Casey’s opponent come November, is Mooney. Casey attributed his reason for running to his mother, who was thrown in prison, along with her family, by Fidel Castro for not being communist.

“My parents raised us to value patriotism and freedom,” he said in his speech. “My mother’s story taught me that freedom isn’t free. It must be guarded vigilantly, protected and sometimes fought for. My mother’s story is the reason I’m running for Congress.”

Issues Mooney hopes to tackle include repealing Obamacare, the “war on coal,” creating jobs and protecting traditional values.