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Follansbee Community Holds Third Annual Mid-Season Classic

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Sunday was a perfect day for baseball in Follansbee as members of the Brooke County community came together to support America's past time.

The third annual event helped raise money for the Follansbee Baseball Association and gave kids *and their parents a chance to have fun whether it involved sinking their coach in the dunk tank, or winning a game of tug of war.

While the parents seemed to be having fun, Association President Dave Browning says there's one thing that makes the Mid-Season Classic worth it.

"Over the past few years, we've had a lack of facilities, we're expanding those facilities as wee speak. We've got a new field now. We're generating capitol for that, get some equipment, get us some buildings, a concession stand and what not. Also we want the kids and that's what this is all about here."

There was also a skills competition for children 6 through 12 to test their hitting, throwing, and base running.

The Pirate Parrot even made an appearance.

Browning said with the nice weather Sunday, they were hoping for between 200 and 400 people.