You’ve got a vision for your business.  You know your product and that your competition is nipping at your heels.  The world has changed and what you did last time is not going to get you to your goals.  How do you set yourself apart from the competition?  We will identify the correct strategies to effectively tell your story to the right group of customers.  We will formulate and execute a marketing plan that is customized to your needs and will maximize your resources, transforming your vision into reality.

As an advertiser, WTRF offers a variety of different ad spaces for you on our website and mobile app to choose from

Our goal is to help businesses grow their revenue through creative marketing.  To be more specific we help sellers find buyers.  We do this by first concentrating on crafting an effective message.  We then customize this message to fit the various broadcast and digital platforms that we use to spread the message. 

Many businesses assume that television and digital advertising is prohibitively expensive. This is just not true.  We work with clients that have budgets of all sizes.  Regardless of your budget, our focus is on developing a great message that will deliver results. 

If you work with us, the first step will be to review your current marketing plan.  If you do not have one, we will walk you through the process of making one for free.  Once the marketing plan is complete, we start to work on the message we will use in your various marketing campaigns.  The absolute last item on the agenda will be the discussion of the various available multimedia platforms that we will use to communicate your message to target audiences. 

Our Methodology

WTRF is a full-service marketing, media, advertising, digital and video solutions provider on a mission to champion the growth and dreams of our partners.  What makes us different from all the other media players?  With the resources of a multi-billion-dollar company, we focus unparalleled tools and expertise at a local level to generate creative answers for homegrown business challenges.  In short, we’ve got the clout that no other media group can compete with. 

Ready To Advertise?

Take the first step.  We are ready to go to work for you right now.  Email or call us at the number listed.  We will immediately contact you and set up a time to visit with you about your business. 

How to contact sales:
Lauren Hersey, General Sales Manager
(304) 230-6215

Our team of media experts is ready to partner with you to develop a marketing solution for your brand – connect with us today!

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