Drug Free Clubs are beginning to pop up in many schools across the nation. In fact at one local high school, almost all of the students have become members. 

An amazing 94 percent of students at St. John’s Central High School in Bellaire,OH are taking part. That’s one of the top percentages in the nation. 

As a part of the program, students agree to be drug tested several times throughout the school year. 

 “I’d rather our whole school be involved,” said Andrew Busack, a student. “It makes us look really good and makes it look like we are not doing anything bad.”

The club also provides students with a way to escape peer pressure.

“If you are offered drugs, you can just say ‘hey I can’t I have a drug test from the drug free club,'” said Zach Clark. “You get a lot of incentives.”

“By joining the club it gives me an excuses to say no if I were offered drugs or alcohol,” said Aslyn Callarick.

St. John’s Central principal, Sheila Blackmore, is hoping all students join the club.

“Having 94 percent of the kids sign up and I expect that number to go up.,” she said. “My goal is 100 percent. It does say a lot about the kids at this school.”