Belmont County Animal Rescue League to Hold “Black Friday” Specials

February 07 2021 06:30 pm

A local animal shelter is bursting at the steams with extra pets, so they are taking some creative measures to adopt the animals out quickly.

In doing so, they are giving a new meaning to a “Black Friday” sale.

The Belmont County Animal Shelter adopted out 110 pets in the past month, but in the last week, they had a population spike. A Bellaire woman died suddenly, leaving behind a large number of beloved pets that had been well cared for, but now have no home.

Shelter Director Angela Hatfield said they brought 25 animals back to an already-full shelter. So starting September 19, they’ll have a “Black Friday Special”. Statistically, black dogs are far less likely to be adopted, and on Friday’s, they’ll be half price.

For example, a female dog named Violet would normally cost $125 because she is spayed and ready to go home with all of her shots, but on Friday she will be $62.50.

The shelter is also working with breed rescues and foster homes. An emaciated Mastiff came to the shelter on Wednesday, and they put him up on their Facebook page and the phone has been ringing. That dog will be fostered and nursed back to health by a generous person.

Simone Fox of St. Clairsville adopted two dogs on Thursday, she said she will probably be a repeat customer. ” I know there’s a lot of animals that are mistreated and that need homes and that need to be loved and cared for and I’m glad that I have a husband that actually feels the same way,” she said.

Shelter officials said they have saved several “couples” among the dogs, who have become attached to each other, and are up for adoption as a pair. They have two chihuahuas, Lizzie and Rascal, and Violet and Brantley. Hatfield said the second duo was found in the parking lot when an employee was working late, and it seems Violet is terrified without Brantley. “And everybody should have two dogs because as a species they should have company. So what we would like to see is this couple and the Chihuahua couple that are so in love, that are just so dedicated to each other, find homes together,” Hatfield said.

Shelter officials said even if a dog has just a little bit of black on them, they qualify for the Black Friday Special. The Belmont County Animal Rescue League is re-negotiating its contract with the county, and said they look forward to a good future. Officials said they also look forward to building a new shelter that will even accommodate horses.

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