A Belmont County man charged with fatally shooting two of his neighbor’s dogs in a wooded area outside of St. Clairsville appeared in court Monday afternoon.

At the beginning of May, Michael Chedester pleaded guilty to deliberately harming companion animals.

Chedester will serve no prison time, but will spend six months in the county jail with three years probation.

He must also either serve 500 hours of community service at the Belmont County animal shelter or make a $5,000 donation to the shelter.

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Chedester has also been fined $2500 and must pay $1200 in restitution to the dog’s owner.

He is to have no contact with the owner of the dogs or with felons. The court ordered that Chedester will no longer be able to vote, run for office, or own weapons as a felon. If Chedester should violate these terms, he could go to prison for one year.