Chemicals Commonly Found in Plastic Could Lead To Weight Gain


New information shows chemicals in your food and everyday products could be making you gain weight. These chemicals are called endocrine disruptors. 

“When you eat or drink out of a substance or a bottle, these chemicals will float into your gut, get absorbed and they will typically travel to certain endocrine organs. And that could be your thyroid, pancreas, livers,” said Dr. Rahul Gupta of the Department of Health and Human Resources.

Dr. Gupta explained these substances are usually in everyday plastics or metals, in the form of BPA, pesticides and flame retardants. The problem is they mimic your natural hormones, and that means fluctuating thyroid levels for adults and stunted development in children.

“Young children have a lot of growth that’s happening and when these disruptor chemicals impact that, then a lot of that growth, as well as development, of specific organs can be impacted, a lot of times permanently,” Dr. Gupta said.

A new study states these chemicals not only affect hormones, but also your body’s insulin. This can lead to obesity and Type 2 diabetes. But Dr. Gupta said to keep in mind there are many other factors playing a role in obesity.

“I can tell you it’s not coming from these chemicals. The majority of it is coming from, again, our lack of physical activity and our lack of eating healthy fruits and vegetables,” he explained.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore these chemicals though. You should avoid plastics with a 3 or 7 label, since those tend to have BPA. To keep your family safe, follow these easy tips:

 1. Do not mix heat with plastic. 

 2. Ditch the plastic water bottle. 

 3. Scrub your produce. 

 4. Eat fresh over processed foods. 

 5. Store food in BPA-free glass or stainless steel bowls and containers.

 5. Tidy up your home. 

 6. Take action. 

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