If you are looking to do some early spring cleaning, there is a way to do that and give back to those in need. “Soles for the Homeless” is a local project by the Marshall County Community Educational Service that allows those to donate a pair of shoes, and that pair will go back to someone in the community. 

As for what they are looking for, Patricia Weinschenker, a committee member says, “New or gently used shoes. Maybe that pair that you bought and just decided when you get them home you don’t really like them as much as you thought you did.” They also will also accept tube or heavy socks, but no flip-flops or sandals.

You can make these donations from February 20th to March 20th in four different locations across Marshall County. One in Cameron at the BB&T bank, and Three in Moundsville at Bob’s Lunch, the WVU extension office, and Shoe Sensation. If you donate a pair at Shoe Sensation, they will give you a discount on a new pair of shoes.