According to court officials, Trent Mays was released Tuesday from the juvenile detention facility he was placed in after being convicted in the Steubenville rape case. 

In March of 2013, Mays was sentenced to two years in juvenile detention for his role in the rape of a teen from West Virginia.

Mays co-defendant, Ma’lik Richmond, was released exactly one year ago today. 

7News has placed a call to Jefferson County Chief Probation Officer Fred Abdalla Junior to confirm Mays’ release.

On Tuesday night, Attorney Bob Fitzsimmons released a statement on behalf of him and the victim’s family. 

“We hope the guilty parties hold a higher standard of morals and values as their rehabilitation continues. We also hope they realize the magnitude of life-long pain that they have caused the victim, and pray that the memory of their crime lives in their souls as a constant reminder to treat women with dignity and respect.” 

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