Families of Missing Teens Make Desperate Plea For Answers


The families of Matthew Bateman and Kylee Taylor spoke out, with messages to the teens and to their friends who may know something.

They made their statements at the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department early Friday morning.

They were mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and the feelings they expressed were simply worry and love.

There was no anger, no threat of punishment. These are people who, at the very least, want to know that Matthew and Kylee are alive and safe.

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“We just want you guys to come home. We want to know you’re safe. Just call us. We need to know you’re OK,” said Matthew’s mother, Stacey Bateman.

“I love both of you. I want you two to come home. It’s not right. This isn’t right. We miss you. Everybody misses you. Nobody’s mad. You’re not in trouble. Just come home and let us hug you,” said Kylee’s mother Christy Brown.

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One aunt asked Matthew and Kylee to at least get word to someone that they are alive and well.

Kylee’s mother emphasized that these two are good kids, excellent students, athletes, fully involved in school activities. They are not problem youngsters. They would be the least likely candidates to be runaways.

They ask everyone to spread the word, that they are desperate to get some news about Matthew and Kylee.

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“If any of Matt’s or Kylie’s friends know anything, even if you think it’s a real small detail, please get in touch with law enforcement or someone at the school,” said Matthew’s father, Ben Bateman.

The family was hoping that, wherever they are, Matthew and Kylie could hear their plea.

“Please we’re begging you. That’s all we need, is to know that you’re safe. But we want you home,” said Matthew’s aunt, Becca.

“Kylee we love you, Jesus loves you, and we want you to come home,” said Kylee’s grandmother, Marlene.

At Union Local Middle School, where they were both 8th graders, they are planning at prayer vigil for 8 o’clock tonight at the football field.

Kylee’s mother stresses they are not the kind of kids that you would tend to equate with runaways.

“Don’t think that these are two misfit little kids, trying to get their way. They’re not. They’ve very smart. They’re not trouble makers. Neither one of ’em gets in trouble,” said Kylee’s mother, Christy. “They’re good kids.”

“All we’re concerned about is them being safe. Please come home to us,” said Ben.

If you have any information as to their whereabouts, you can call our anonymous Lauttamus Security Crime Fighters tip line at 1-800-223-0312. All calls will remain confidential.

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