Feeling Effects of the Bubbly this New Year’s Day? These Tips Will Help Them Go Away


It might not be the champagne toast at midnight that will leave you hurting New Year’s morning, but likely the toasts, drinks and celebratory shots before and after the ball dropped. Of course there are ways to help avoid feeling deflated the following day, should you plan on indulging in some of the bubbly. Here are your tips– some common and some not so common– to prevent and cure the New Year’s Day hangover blues.

Before starting to drink any alcohol, make sure to have a full stomach. Of course, fatty foods aren’t good for your waist line, but they will help delay the absorption of alcohol. Foods high in fiber will also help break down alcohol faster, keeping it from reaching the blood stream as quickly.

As you drink– pace yourself. Stick to about one drink an hour and alternate between alcohol and water. It will help you stay hydrated and will help delay the effects.

Opt for lighter colored alcohol and remember, just because it’s easy on your wallet, doesn’t mean it will be easy on you. Expensive brands of alcohol are filtered more times, making them easier for the body to handle and sticking to one kind of drink will help you keep track of how many you’ve had. And it’s less likely to upset your stomach.

Before heading to bed, drink at least 16-20 ounces of water. 

If you still wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck the next morning– drink fruit juices, the fructose in them will help restore your blood sugar level. Eat eggs for breakfast, they contain a chemical that can help clear the liver of harmful toxins.

An anti-inflammatory will help out with a headache without upsetting the stomach, but don’t make them a habit, doctors say they can react with alcohol, damaging the liver.

As much as we might hate getting out of bed, some exercise will help to boost energy levels and maybe even distract you from feeling bad.

If all else fails, head back to bed for a few hours and for next time, keep in mind what made you feel so miserable.

Remember if you do plan on consuming alcohol to designate a sober driver or call a cab. Carenbauer’s is offering their annual Alert Cab, which will take you home free of charge from a number of Wheeling-area bars. The number is 304-232-1313.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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