Former Addict Shares Story to Bring Hope


Amy Blon was a good kid who earned honors at Bellaire High School. She had many friends and said she never thought she would get mixed up in drugs.

It started after a bad car accident in Bridgeport. She was put on vicodin for her injuries, and got addicted.

When the prescriptions stopped, she turned to the cheaper and easier to find option: heroin.

“I wanted to be cool and do it too and I just kinda dabbled in it here and there and then when I got put on the script and then I got hooked on that and it just kind of went down-hill from there,” said Blon.

After the first high, Amy said she would do anything to get the feeling again.

She stole her sister’s jewelry on her wedding day, and pawned her daughter’s Wii games.

She stripped for money, and even posed nude online.

“I lost my mom, I lost my sister, I lost my dad…I lost everybody they didn’t want nothing to do with me and I can’t even blame them for it because I was a horrible person. I wouldn’t have even wanted to be around me,” added Blon.

When her family confronted her about drugs she told them she was just doing pills and couldn’t get hooked. Little did they know, she was already so far gone.

“And I was in the kitchen and I was like stay in the living room you know I have to go get something, and I was doing it and I just got it in my arm and I was just pushing it in and I heard little feet come up behind me and a stunned “Mom, what are you doing?” And I was just like now it’s another level my daughter saw me doing this I can’t keep doing this. This is low, low, low.”

Amy said that moment was her turning point.

She had to kick heroin, or else she would have lost everything her life, her family, and most importantly, her daughter, Ashlynn.

She went to rehab, and has worked everyday for the last two years to stay clean.

“I will always be a heroin addict, but I will never give into the temptation and I will never use heroin again,” Blon said.

She has a job, and has a relationship with her family and daughter again.

Amy wants her story to give hope to people in the valley who are fighting their own battle right now.

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