Fracking waste containing radioactivity is being trucked into the old Wheeling Pitt steel mill in Martins Ferry. Two different companies have set up shop on the property there, now owned by Mull Industries.

Trucks haul frack water and drill cuttings in to Austin Master Services. In their lab, they reportedly analyze the amount of radioactivity.

After that. Martins Ferry Mayor Paul Riethmiller says the product is separated, put back onto trucks, then is taken to landfills or back to injection wells.

Austin Master Services have been operating since February and currently employ five to six people but could get more employees when well drilling increases.
Austin Master Services declined to speak to 7News on Monday but Riethmiller says they are licensed thru the ODNR and the Ohio Board of Health.

And he says Mull Industries, the company that owns the old steel mill, is about to start a similar service outside on the same grounds.

Riethmiller says the former steel mill is far enough from the city’s well fields that it won’t taint the drinking water.