Trick-or-treats enjoyed Halloween night, but it isn’t just about the candy, it’s also about the frights. One local organization teamed up with Mountaineer Casino in New Cumberland to give the community a scare.

“It’s a really fun experience for the family, but it’s a really scary experience,” said Codie Balser after she went through the Haunted Harv.

The thrills speak for themselves the team sent 7News reporter Nick Conigliaro in on his own, and he tried to go slowly as a way to protect myself from the scares. But, it didn’t work. Regardless he and others enjoyed every second.

“The first two-parts of it are what I’m most scared of,” said Balser.

“It was a good time,” her brother Michael Balser said. “There were a lot of jump scares.”

For Mountaineer Casino this is the first time they’ve partnered with the Beacon Association to create the Haunted Harv to give their community a spooky, good time.

“We wanted this to be a safe place for children, teens, adults,” said Mountaineer Casino Digital Media Coordinator Katey May. “Just a way to come in, celebrate Halloween since it is so popular around this area.”

They say seeing the enjoyment in everyone’s face as they go through makes the countless hours worth it.

“To get the adults that get really scared, and get the fright, and get the brave people that say, ‘Oh, I’m not scared.’ Then, when they come out and they’re afraid it’s really kind of funny and exciting to see at the same time,” said Vice-President of the Beacon Association Paula Vaughn.

If you missed your chance tonight don’t worry, the Haunted Harv will be open November 4th as well, and all the proceeds from that go to the Beacon Association’s Relay for Life team.

Doors open at 7 pm this Saturday, the 4th, and tickets are $15 at the door. All ages are welcome.