Hundreds Still Without Power in Marshall County


Hundreds have been without power for more than 24 hours in Marshall County.

A spokesperson with AEP says they have restored around half of the homeowner’s in that area’s power. Just over 200 people are still without power.

When the lights went out in the freezing temperatures people who live on Fork Ridge Road and Big Grave Creek in Moundsville had to think quickly.

“You know it sits out there for months and you don’t even think about it until times like this,” said Fork Ridge Road resident Larry Truex.

Larry is referring to his generator.  He says when his power went off late yesterday afternoon it wasn’t more than 20 minutes before his generator kicked in. Many of his neighbors are keeping warm the same way.

“We have emergency generator and I have backup heating stuff like that so,” said Fork Ridge resident Dan Robbins.

“We have a wood stove in our garage and all of our lines run through our garage, so by us keeping the wood stove going we can keep all of our lines from freezing. And then the other stuff you just make due,” said Fork Ridge Road resident Paul Winland.

Around 470 people were without power for hours after the big winds knocked trees down on power lines in a remote area of Marshall County.

“We have found overtime that people that live outside in those areas expect this type of weather expect, they’re very resilient. They have backup heating sources, backup cooking. They’re very well prepared for incidents like this,” said Marshall County Emergency Management Deputy Director Mike Mucheck.

If people didn’t have backup heating systems emergency services says fire stations are on standby to let people in.

“We even tell them utilize the city buildings if it’s Monday through Friday they can go to the municipal builings, the county chambers are always open for people to come in and get warm,” said Mucheck.

Most residents say they’re just glad they planned ahead.

“Right, I’ve always been prepared for stuff like this. You know, if we lose water, natural gas, electric, we can make due,” said Robbins.

“Just glad I had the foresight to get the thing and to get it set up,” said Truex.

“If you’re not going to live in town you’ve better figure out to make due that’s all,” said Winland.

AEP said they worked as quickly as they could but due to the remote location, and main poles standing on a ravine it was a long process.

Power is being restored gradually until around 7:00 p.m. Monday night.

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