Jefferson County has Mostly Positive Reactions to Trump Win


There’s a mixture of emotions across the nation Wednesday as President-elect Trump is announced, but with Trump taking West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, the majority in our area, are pleased with the outcome.

Donald Trump handily won Jefferson County with 65 percent of the vote as-well-as the entire state of Ohio beating Hillary Clinton by more than nine points. People in Steubenville Wednesday were optimistic about the future. 

“Hopefully, there will be a lot of good that comes out of this where there will be plenty of jobs and these young people will go to work as opposed to laying around on welfare and stuff,” said Steubenville resident Ray Wells.

“Yes, I think it’s a good opportunity, especially for the young people because Trump has got a lot to offer, and I think it’s going to be a different kind of administration, but I think it’s going to be for the good of our country,” said Deann Gribble who is visiting from Oklahoma City.

16-year-old Joseph Venditti agrees, and although he couldn’t vote, he was hoping for a Trump victory.

“I hope the economy stabilizes and that issues on immigration and schools and the finding and the roads get fixed,” said Venditti.

Some stayed up to 3:00 a.m. to watch the race officially called, while others woke up to the news.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” Wells added. “I just hope he does some good with it. What he says, I don’t like the man personally. I wouldn’t want him in my home even, but I like what he said and I hope he stands by what he said instead of like some other presidents. I hope he’s bold and takes action.”

There are some specific issues on which these supporters would like to see him focus.

“I’m looking forward that he will end abortion in our country, because as soon as abortion ends, I think our new country will have a new horizon, and I think a new way,” Gribble said.

“The repeal of Obamacare, so that new businesses can start up again, and people can be hired, and there will be more jobs and the economy will improve,” said Steubenville resident Susan McInnis. “And hopefully, the health of people will improve.”

“I’m delighted. I’m happy. I think prayers were answered, and I think our county, hopefully, is going to be on a new way of living and a new way of thinking,” said Gribble.

There was man who was very distraught and did not want to speak on camera, but he said, “I have an autistic daughter, and you guys electing Trump is like putting Adolf Hitler in office.”

The Electoral College officially meets to vote for the president on December 19.

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