Pope Francis released his Papal Encyclical on Thursday, which posed the question ‘what kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us?’    

The Encyclical was sent to all of the Catholic churches around the world to motivate believers and christians to care for the nature.

Francis warns of industrial waste and calls for renewable fuel subsidies and energy efficiency.

Locally, Bishop Rev. Michael Bransfield says that would affect our coal industries but says there are ways we can clean it up.

“Coal is a big industry and very important to the employment of our people, Bransfield says. “I think a technological improvements of cleaning of coal and other things can bring us to a point where we can use coal. I don’t want my coal miners here in West Virginia unemployed and that’s been a big problem lately. so its a worry where its not economically feasible it needs discussed.”

Bishop Jeffery M. Monforton also commented on the encyclical saying, “The church does not presume to settle scientific questions or to replace politics however welcomes dialogue with everyone.”