Teachers at five local elementary schools will receive specialized trauma-informed training.

Crittenton Services received a $185,000 grant from the Benedum Foundation that will allow each classroom an on-call consultant for the teacher, classroom observation, and a person for children to turn to.

The goal for this program is to bring early intervention to children dealing with stress, trauma or other symptoms that interfere with their ability to learn.

“When drastic measures are taken to help correct behavior, it exacerbates problems associated with the trauma and it traumatizes the child. At the very least, it traumatizes the child, especially if there’s law enforcement involved and then the children who are exposed to issues like this start to associate law enforcement with fear,”  said program director, Joseph King.

For children in need of treatment, Crittenton will work collaboratively with the school and the child’s family.

The Ties Pilot Program will begin in schools this fall.