Imagine dreams you’ve had since you were a child coming true right before your eyes. That’s what has happened for a local hip hop artist who was recently selected as an artist to watch in XXL magazine.

His name is ELIAS the Profhit, but people closer to him know him as Joshua Elias.

Growing up in Follansbee, Elias would attend talent competitions at churches where he would rap about his life. He didn’t start taking music seriously until the past year when national magazines, celebrities and musicians began noticing his music.

Now, he’s hoping all of this attention will put West Virginia and the Ohio Valley on the map.

“And now everybody in the whole world sees west Virginia and Ohio valley. we now see it in a positive light because this whole area is known for steel mills that shut down, depression or the drug problem that we have here,” says Elias.

Elias describes his music as different from the stereotypical rap or hip hop that you hear on the radio. His goal is to use his new found success to spread a positive message to kids to stay active in what they believe in and dreams can come true.

“I tell the kids that look up to me that I want them to be something in life. I want them to dream big whatever they want to be in life they want to be a boxer, a president, the mayor anything. don’t let anybody tell you differently,” says Elias.

Now, he’s working with local mayors in Brooke County to become a positive role model for the kids and spread the message that dreams do come true.