Concealed Carry Permits could possibly becoming a thing of a past in the mountain state.

If a bill passes, West Virginia would become the fifth state not to require concealed handgun permits.

There are more than a dozen firearm bills circulating through the state capitol.

Some senators say this is a second amendment issue, saying all the permit law does is disarm law-abiding citizens.  But the state Sheriff’s Association likes the law the way it is, saying carrying a deadly weapon should mandate some training.

Locally, some law enforcement officials are not happy about this bill either.

Ohio County Sheriff Pat Butler says he opposes this idea to drop concealed carry permit requirements.  Butler says this proposal would mean that few people would have training on these firearms before they carry them on the streets of our communities.

Butler says sheriff’s across the state have been speaking to the Senate about their opposition to the bill.  In addition to that, he says it cuts into the sheriff’s revenues.

“I know for a fact with our concealed weapons fund, I am able to buy additional cameras and equipment.  Various items that was not in my budget through the county that I am able to provide our deputies, and we buy supplies for kids, things like that for school presentations, this is out the window,” said Butler.

Butler is urging people to call their Senator now, since the bill is heading to the Senate floor for a vote.
It has not progressed in the house yet.

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